November 4, 2022

Top 3 NewMile Benefits 

1. An Extension of Your Team

We like to think of our team as an extension of yours – we are in this together. We’re creating the technology, services and processes that make your daily operations run smoother. Whether that is a NewMile consultant that specializes in your unique issue, or assistance with implementing new processes, we are here for you. The best part is that the extension doesn’t stop with us. Our goal is to create a community where you will have access to others in our network.

2. More Efficient Process, Easier Every Day

Our first five technology modules are helping companies from initial quote and pricing all the way to payment. These solutions can help you get from A to Z, or you can target a few specific challenges in your process. We realize that you may have processes already in place, which is why our products work great together as well as integrate with your existing tools. We want to understand your day-to-day needs and find the right fit for your team. Specific NewMile technology modules include: Pipeline, a proposal and map search tool; Order, a dashboard supporting order management and forecasting; Live Fleet, a track and trace integration tool for dispatching, e-ticketing and real-time data; Validate, a tool supporting order reconciliation and load count accuracy; and Payment, a ticket log and settlement systems integration. Learn more here.


3. Proven Benefits Across Roles

Yes, operations teams do tend to start out as our biggest fans – but the roster quickly grows from there. Accounting lives are made easier without tracking down paper tickets. Project managers can clearly coordinate orders. Dispatchers can track live, be more proactive and find quicker reactive solutions. Drivers can get in that extra load for the day. We know because we’ve seen it firsthand, and many members of our team have been in these roles before.