What We Do

Moving Aggregates into the Future

Just like you, we’re sick of seeing technologies that aren’t built for the aggregate transportation industry or with your exact needs in mind. While working dispatch, on job sites, and sitting at the weigh stations, we saw an opportunity to improve our work without compromises.

By building a technology platform that solves your aggregate sourcing and delivery challenges accompanied by managed services to provide support from our experienced team, we’re able to avoid the old roadblocks.

Learn more about our five modules below.


Automating Rates & Proposals

Pipeline helps you organize rates and send proposals directly to customers or to their ERP/CRM systems. You can visually display materials suppliers and site locations with associated material and hauling rates, and turn proposal wins into projects and daily orders. View production goal targets and actual fulfillment metrics against projected fulfillment. Pipeline helps you track projects and materials in an easy-to-view format.


Managing Orders Team-wide

Order gives you an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks projects and reviews your metrics. This platform also acts as a centralized hub for site contractors, haulers and office team members to manage daily tasks. No matter your unique role or function, Order simplifies your workflow into one digital destination.

Live Fleet

Tracking Trucks in Real Time

Through Live Fleet, you can optimize load fulfillment across your fleet, dispatch and ticket jobs. Real-time visibility on your trucks’ locations enables accurate analytics, predictions and transit stats, giving you important insights while getting rid of the hassle of paper tickets.


Accurately Assess Completed Loads

Validate helps site contractors check the validity and accuracy of each completed load daily and enables haulers to accelerate lead time from completed load to invoice. Real-time data and accelerated invoicing allow for faster, more accurate billing.


Deploying Faster Billing And Payments

Extract completed loads for billing through Payment. Your data can be easily exported for customers and driver settlements or be integrated directly with your ERP system.

Our Unique Process

We can transform your business operations through products that meet the specialized needs of critical points in the quote to cash process. Whether you need an a la carte solution or a complete overhaul, NewMile’s technology is the perfect complement to your existing workflows.

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