November 7, 2022

What Aggregate Hauling Looks Like in 2023

Even a cursory glance at the site construction and material spaces reveals that national supply chains are struggling with an intrinsic inability to meet consumer demand. The aggregate delivery industry is reaping the benefits of economic demand for new construction in nearly every market. The question many site contractors, haulers, and materials suppliers are asking...

Why invest in innovation now?
The answer is simple– NewMile's solutions provide new opportunities for even greater success on the horizon.

In 2021-2022, global supply chains were hit hard, causing catastrophic shortages of material supplies and drastically slowing the growth of the economy. In July 2022, NAHB reported a PPI increase for finished concrete products of 14.4% over the previous 12 months – the fastest climb they’ve ever reported. Similar increases were noted in softwood lumber, gypsum building products, and steel mill products. And while experts predict that the slowdown in construction noted in the Fall of 2022 will continue into 2023, the pace is still well above 2021 levels.

What does this all mean? The industry must meet demand while preparing for changes. And the way we do it is with NewMile technology. NewMile has already invested in and field-tested the industry-specific technology for the aggregate delivery community. The results are reduced project timelines, increased revenue, and reduced industry waste associated with sub-par accountability and visibility. And if/when slowdowns do occur, the increased efficiencies can help minimize the impact of any reduction in engagements.

These benefits will increase the margins for nearly all of those involved with aggregate hauling.

Our hope – that together we can unite as a community – and find new solutions that will support us all when the market inevitably slows, stagnates, or turns.